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Viterra offers a wide range of grain contracts, giving you the options needed to create a personalized marketing strategy. 

With futures prices difficult to predict and largely determined by factors beyond your control, we have the tools and experience that can help you determine the best contract to meet your needs and help you achieve your target price. See below for more information on our contracts. 

Cash contracts

Lock in current basis levels, and participate in futures market movement. 

Sell grain at the current basis and futures levels. This contract can be for future delivery. 

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Contract and deliver your grain now, but leave both basis and futures open for pricing at a later date. 

Lock in a cash price for future delivery. 

Lock in current futures levels, and participate in future basis movement. 

Deliver your bushels now and price your grain at the time of delivery. 

Managed contracts

A hands-off approach that allows our professionals to price a portion of your grain for you. 

Get the Producers' Edge guide

A chance to increase the value of an already priced contract by experiencing penny-for-penny price movement (up or down) in the futures market. 

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Structured contracts

A simple and hands-off contract that prices a portion of your grain over a four-month period shown historically to often offer higher prices. 

Get the Average Price guide

Select a futures prices level and Smart Average will attempt to price your bushels at that selected price with a possible catch-up feature. 

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Sell old crop with a premium and receive the potential to market new crop grain at an attractive price. 

Get the Bonus Target guide

A hands-off contract that establishes a forward book price on new production and sets a guaranteed floor price with upside potential. 

Get the Daily Plus Target guide

Price your grain over a period of time with a guaranteed minimum price, and have the ability to participate in potential futures market rallies up to your maximum price. 

Get the Min-Max Average Price guide

Price your grain over a period of time while protecting your downside with a minimum price. 

Get the Minimum Average Price guide

Have a guaranteed minimum price while still being active in the pricing decision. 

Find the right contract for you. Try our Contract Match Tool.

Diversifying your grain marketing plan is vital to a successful farming operation. This free tool was designed with farmers in mind as a way to easily find contracts that work for their operations by filtering based on individual preferences. See the variety of ways you can diversify with Viterra’s contracts by choosing your Viterra location, delivery date, trading style, agricultural commodity, and market bias.

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NOTE: The above are merely summaries of various contract types and do not reflect full contractual terms. Eligible commodities vary by contract type. Terms and conditions apply, which are contained on the applicable contract documents.

While the contracts described herein provide marketing options available through Viterra, no contract or marketing program can remove all risk from your grain marketing decisions. Historical results are not a guarantee of future returns, and Viterra does not represent the historical information provided is without omissions or errors, although it strives to avoid them. You should use this information only as you believe will best assist you with your grain marketing needs.

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